SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Sunday deer hunting

A Sunday story reported that last month, permission to hunt deer on Sunday in the state was officially signed into law. The policy change constitutes a significant increase over one made in 2016 that opened five specific Sundays for hunting during the season.

• So let’s kill more deer because the farmers are whining again. — Jym Sawchak

• By whining, you mean eating the crop they spent lots of time and money to grow, in hopes of selling for a profit to earn a living? — David Lepter

• Actually, in stark contrast to what animal rights activists would have you believe, deer populations nationwide have skyrocketed steadily since the introduction of legislation of hunting seasons. So much so that the deer threaten to throw the natural order and food chain. Hence the increased destruction of crops and the increased number of car accidents. In many parts of the U.S. We have hunted down and killed wolves and other predatory animals that would destroy their numbers. Also, many pro-hunting groups are also adamant of conservation of natural resources and contribute millions annually to protecting said animals. — Brian Watts

• I have always said hunters are the dumbest people right under taxidermists. The ignorance of attacking the very person who ensures you have food on your table is beyond logic. Deer will soon become the 100-pound gray squirrel. You gripe about the farmer yet jump at the idea of growing houses out of woodlots and cornfields. Yet you are the same crew who’ll watch a dozen does and fawns eating the farmer’s crops while “waiting for a buck”. When farmers start kicking hunters off their leaves for not helping maybe some of you will wise up. As for gleaning the fields, you are the same people who will have a fit if your neighbor’s dog dumps in your yard. Why shouldn’t the farmer feel the same way about his land? Especially with today’s litigious society? — George Roof

• About time been a long time coming. — David Jerome Moss

• Let’s kill more deer because they’re overpopulated. — Raughley Lloyd

• Awesome news! — Stephen Jackson

• Now I won’t be able to walk in my backyard on Sundays without being afraid someone might shoot in the direction of the houses. — Patricia Kasik Kaiser

• I live in a family of hunters and none of us are in favor of this. The animals need a day too as well as there being people who want one day a week in the fall/winter where we can go for a stroll on our property or state land and not have to worry about potentially being shot at because of someone trespassing to hunt or shooting at whatever they see move. I know not all hunters are that way but still some are. — Melissa Eierman

• Lovely. Now we don’t even have one day of the week that we can walk in our own woods without worrying about a stray bullet killing us or our horses. — Amy L Mullen

• If you are worried about walking in your own woods and getting shot, you really need to post your property and enforce it. — Alan Streifthau

• I’m impressed. I would not have expected Delaware state government to have the wisdom and scientific insight to implement Sunday hunting. My impression of Delaware is that it has given in to mindless liberalism on all things. Apparently not. Again, way to go! I’ll come hunt in Delaware this fall. — Josh First

• Very upsetting considering this was the only safe day during the season to take the horses out. And regulation is poor as we encountered gun-wielding hunters with loose dogs on the actual canal last year! Sundays were a safe haven day for not only horse riders but also hikers, dogs walkers and cyclists! — Patricia Prosceno Beach

• Combine shotgun and black powder all the time and no bag limits on does and bucks! We have a massive deer herd in this state — Mary Gooden

• The state should treat deer just as it does groundhogs: No closed season and no bag limit. — Bill Anderson

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