SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Taking back Congress

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Readers reacted to a Tuesday letter to the editor by Rebecca Scarborough of Frederica who called for voters to “Take back Congress” as a way to “start impeachment proceedings for high crimes against our country and the best chance we have to reverse dangerous policies that threaten not only American citizens but the world order.”

• Putin will make sure his boy stays in power. — Peter Giaquinto

• You all forget the past so, so easily. Enjoy the next seven years of your lives! — Richard Walton

• Let’s not forget the corruption in the democratic party…ie…HRC, the FBI and the DOJ, and the hatred coming from so many in the left. Economy is thriving, unemployment is down, but people who hate overlook that. — Lisa D’Amico Anselmi

• Economy was moving up and unemployment was going down for for years before 45 came into office but until his inauguration day, he called it “fake news”. — Terrell Carey

• Lisa D’Amico Anselmi I’m going to bet you were one of those people making excuses for why the unemployment rate was fake under Obama, right? The only credit Trump gets is for not screwing up (yet) the direction the economy and unemployment we’re ALREADY going — Mike Johnson

• Nope no at all. Disagreed and agreed with him, just like with this president. Not a hater! — Lisa D’Amico Anselmi

• As long as people in Delaware keep thinking like this woman, we’re all doomed. — Sara Hisaw Lancaster

• Just keep spouting the unrealistic exaggerated hyperbole about Trump. The general public is fatigued by the continual cry of “the sky is falling” and the Trump supporter backlash just makes him stronger. Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real thing. — Jim Price

• Couldn’t read past the first sentence. Trump has a long way to go before he would have been worse than Hillary Clinton. At least he is looking out for this country rather than selling us out at every turn. His support is growing while the Democrats are hemorrhaging voters daily. One thing is for sure, this is going to be a very interesting election. I’m riding the Red Wave. (and I’m an independent). — Bob Hice

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