Sound Off Delaware: The wall

Readers reacted to a commentary by Reid Beveridge headlined “Playing politics around the border wall.”

• $19,965,471 of $1.0B goal. Raised by 333,064 people in 24 days. Folks, at least sign the petition. They need to know that we are serious. — Loretta Pramick

• You do realize that any money donated to the government still has to be appropriated by Congress? And this Congress made it clear they will not appropriate funds for a wall. So you are wasting your money. — Michael McGaughey

• I agree that anyone who wants to come into America should do it legally. I am against illegal immigration and anyone who tries should be sent back to their country of origin. I am all for border security. But a wall isn’t the answer. It is a big waste of money. We could use that money for better things like infrastructure, more veterans hospitals, and better security not just at the border, but in other ports of entry as well. — Gary Greer

• The undocumented don’t even get paid low wages anymore at least here in Sussex County. So that about people hiring them because they can pay them less is untrue. They get chosen because they are better workers often times and don’t complain about their work. That’s the fact. Latinos are everywhere now not just construction or gardening. — Esmeralda Cortes

• A pathetic attempt to say the least by Beveridge. The Dems have “come to the table” repeatedly. The last time, Trump just walked out of the meeting. Poor Reid seems to think the wall will work. Pity no one else does. — Rob Roth

• It amazes me when people say Democrats don’t want the wall just because Trump wants it. Clearly these people have forgotten how Republicans did not want to pass anything Obama wanted. Mitch McConnell stood at a mic and stated it would be his proudest moment to keep Obama from winning a second term. Trump has decided to run the government like he ran his business, never thinking about the cost because he knew he wasn’t going to pay his bills anyway. The difference now is he wants us to pay this bill. He could put people back to work and try to make a “deal” for a wall or something like it later but he doesn’t want to look like a failure, well too late buddy you are a failure. — Kim Boyle Ridley

• He put more people back to work in his first two years than Obama did during his eight years in office. The Dems are used to get their way. Now they have to give and they refuse. Where were the outrage by you when Obama shut down the government? No problem there because the RINOs caved. — Kim Boyle Ridley

• Each side in this battle is steadfast. One side trying to fill a campaign promise, the other side simply not wanting to allow that to happen despite earlier support. Per Politifact, “Just over half of Democrats in the Senate voted for the Secure Fence Act of 2006, which was signed into law by President George W. Bush, including then-Sens. Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton. Most Democrats in the House voted against it, including Rep. Nancy Pelosi.” Pelosi and Schumer can come out of this as heroes if they acquiesce. — Bruce Anderson

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