Sound Off Delaware: The wall

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President Donald Trump threatened repeatedly on Tuesday to shut down the government if Congress doesn’t provide the money he says is needed to build a wall at the Mexican border.

• What else is new? And hasn’t anyone learned that a wall isn’t gonna do any good. It’s not like it’s the only way in or impossible to get over, under or around. It’s just a huge waste of money that could be better spent elsewhere. — Lani Cotton

• Walls work all over the world and are used by countries, companies, and individuals very effectively. — Scott Berry

• Yeah, a wall worked real good in East Germany, and works real good in Israel’s apartheid state, too, doesn’t it? — Gary Greer

• One hundred Americans die from opioids every day and one of the largest sources of drugs is the southern border. Kids are sex trafficked while their predators pretend said kids are their children. Criminals and gangs cross over in tunnels and in fences that are breeched and then commit heinous crimes in our country. Maintaining a sovereign country requires a multifaceted approach. The wall is not THE answer. It is ONE answer. We let in a million immigrants a year who wait in line and do it the legal way. For their protection and ours we need to address many border issues. — Beth Ann

• Opioid addiction usually begins with a doctor’s prescription. Additionally, fentanyl has a huge market out of China and shipped is often through Canada. I’m not saying Mexico isn’t a source of drugs, but it isn’t the only source by any means. Sealing off our borders is a fool’s errand. — Paula Giordano

• Waste of money. What did Obama do with that new debt of $11 trillion? You realize that money could build 2.200 walls. — Stephen Malkowski

• Trump said Mexico would pay for it. So he can have his wall when he gets the money from them. — Kathy Spring Jordan

• Why do all the politicians have walls around their mansions? Why are there gated communities that advertise safety? — Kathy Dodd

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