SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Trade policies and tariffs

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Sunday’s Opinion page featured a commentary by U.S. Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester, D-Del., who introduced H.R. 6483, the Trade Assistance for Farmers Act. The bill would permanently expand the existing Trade Adjustment Assistance program to protect agricultural exporters who are negatively impacted by U.S. trade policies.

• Or they can stop this ridiculous trade war to begin with and go about the trade deficit in a more well thought out manner…oh but that would make sense. — Silas Stephan

• The trade war was extremely negative for the United States for many years. This is getting us to where we are now. — JasonClaire Hearn

• There is a set amount of corn and soybean grown in the world. If Chinese companies don’t want to pay the tariff to China for U.S. corn and soybeans, they can buy from another country, say Canada. But then the customers that had been buying from Canada need to find a new source — and that would be the USA. So all this panic and stupid “permanent fix” law that Lisa is jumping up and down about is nothing but additional taxes on the hard-working people of this country. Stop spending our tax money so stupidly. Have the Dept of Commerce or Dept of Agriculture find out what countries will need to purchase corn and soybeans should China source elsewhere! Should be pretty easy to find out which companies and countries would be selling to China. — Ron Crowley

• The last thing we need out of Washington is the standard liberal playbook antidote “a permanent fix”, whatever that means. I’ll tell you what it means, more government oversight that never happens, more big corporation favors and corruption, and more government control of the economy and that means subsidies or whatever it is will never go away, regardless of the triggering events. Please, can we have creative solutions. If we’re going to have subsidies, then they should be indexed and eventually go away when trade becomes more competitive through freer markets. Why aren’t you pushing with Trump for reduced tariffs and reduced trade barriers? Sitting in congressional committee meetings and bloviating doesn’t do squat. — Isaiah Thomas

• It is going to be a lovely trade war- as all have been before. Trade will grind to a halt and the economy will tank, So, let’s have a parade! — Ed Dickerhoof

• Thank you Lisa, for supporting and building on Trump’s efforts to help farmers negatively affected by China and other countries’ tariffs. As you know, Trump has put aside 20 billion dollars to help farmers. I support your bill HR 6483. I think all Delaware politicians better vote for this bill if they love Delaware and its beautiful farmland and farmers. I am so happy that you are willing to put our farmers ahead of political lines. — Jay Pratt

• It’s not President Trump’s tariffs! It’s the tariffs that every single country charges us. It’s simple. Charge us, we charge you! — Don Cain

• The slow drip, drip, drip of socialism. — Jeff Williams

• Thanks for looking out for our farmers and family’s way of life. — Ronnie McClendon

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