SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Trump at issue

Readers reacted to a recent letter by Mike Apgar headlined “For Trump administration, it’s jail to the chief”

• Obama should be in prison, as should Hilary (and probably Bill) Clinton. There is no basis for Trump to be in prison. — Karen Ward

• I would say that the last POTUS was the real bad seed of our country. When it comes to my opinion on history. Obama’s corruptions through his 8 years of presidency makes Nixon’s follies look novice and petty. Obvious crimes and violations, coverups, bold face lies, etc. committed by Obama and his administration are down right pure corruptions not seen in any administrations in the history of The United States of America. Time and history will prove those facts to be true. — Gary Sparks

• I agree with 98 percent of what Mike so thoroughly points out. His “co-horts in crime” plead guilty; are flipping (with more to follow) and his 20 percent base can’t handle it! — J.J. McGlothlin Jr.

• Don’t you see what President Trump is trying to show you? The Democrats rigged the primaries in her favor so she would be the nominee. It’s really sad what happened to Bernie Sanders. The people being elected are lining their pockets while people like me and you barely get by. This country was founded by men who were being suppressed. They wanted a country of freedom, which is why there’s a Second Amendment along with freedom of speech. President Trump believes in the Constitution. He’s trying his best to bring jobs back. Look at the unemployment rate. Look at the stock market. He’s ended regulations that were hurting small businesses and manufacturing jobs. Stop listening to CNN and MSNBC. They’re not reporting fairly. — David Day

• My, my, my, what a bunch of “I drank the Trump Kool-aid” fools we have here. You vote against your own interests (what self-identified billionaire — we still do not know what he is really worth – might be literally pennies] gives a rat’s (butt) about working people, except how to rip them off) and will not admit that the man you voted for is a racist, misogynistic, xenophobic liar, and frankly, idiot on international trade issues. Or is it that he is exactly a reflection of who you are and hope to be? Well, you will never be rich, that’s for sure, but you may excel in all those other qualities. — John McCarthy

• When the Dems retake the House it’s the beginning of the end for Trump and the Republicans that have enabled him. Feel free to be in denial far-right fans. The day is coming. — Rob Roth

• Hopefully Trump can get a couple more good Supreme Court judges in place before handing things off to Pence, a real conservative. (If the Dems’ fantasy comes true.) — Jim Price

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