SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Trump commentary

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Readers reacted to a letter to the editor headlined “President Trump disgraces his office” by Daniel Pritchett which appeared in Wednesday’s Delaware State News.

• All you one-trick ponies hang hopes on a lie perpetuated by a false document bought and paid for be the DNC. The turkeys who pushed it through the system are going to end up in jail or so damaged by their lies they will be driven out of D.C. — James Feist

• Please tell me what has he done? He has done more to destroy America than any other president. — Deborah Walker

• No, Obama’s regime destroyed America. There were more riots, shootings and protests that turned violent by the left than any other presidency I’ve ever seen. He never defended deceased police officers slain in the line of duty, but was quick to have the families of violent criminals killed by cops while breaking the law invited to the White House. Do some research before you post. — Thomas Bush

• President Trump hits it out of the park again! — Mark Schmalhofer

• Vote Trump again in 2020. You’re doing a fantastic job President Trump. We love you. That’s why you are our leader. — David Givens

• He’s our leader because the Russians fooled you with fake Facebook accounts. — Mel Barnhart

• How about some “hard facts” about what Trump has accomplished other than the contempt of the world, a trillion or more federal deficit per year and an obvious disregard for the Constitution. Gee, almost forgot a swell trade war. — Rob Roth

• Contempt of the world? You really find it necessary to appease the world? Trade war? Well the effects of this so-called war have yet to be played out. Which, when it dose play out in our favor should slow down that deficit hemorrhage that has been going on for now over the last four presidents. Trump’s only been in office now for a year and a half — give the guy a chance. God knows we gave Obama eight years to have some hope and change. — Gary Sparks

• He’s right in that our country has always been a beacon to immigrants coming here to better their lives and enrich our country with their talents. The key word he left out was LEGAL immigration. Immigrants coming here to assimilate into our culture and better us as well as themselves. Not a bunch of lawless protesters waving THEIR flag and demanding things that most of us have worked a lifetime for. Obama spent years apologizing to the world for our very existence and ignored the nuclear tests that Little Rocket Man performed regularly. Trump is trying to remedy N.K. bullying tactics and make our world safer. Will he succeed? I hope so, but no one will if they don’t try. Obama’s great foreign policy coup was to lift the sanctions against Communist Cuba without gaining a single human rights concession.
As for our “friends” and allies, Trump is trying to even the playing field with our “friends”. With the friends we’ve had in the past, we don’t need enemies. We can’t afford them. As to his quote of 1792 from Hamilton, the first part sounds exactly like what the media has been doing — playing on fears and jealousies for their own gain. I no longer trust the media.They have proved they no longer have the country’s best interest at heart. If they did they’d focus more on the good he’s doing and less on his wife’s wardrobe for example. — Bev Rhodes

• Anyone that says FDR is one of the greatest presidents ever has lost the conversation. This guys “opinion” is just that, doesn’t mean anything. Just one more of the angry left that just doesn’t get it. — David A Gibson

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