SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Trump commentary

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Readers reacted to a letter to the editor headlined “President Trump disgraces his office” by Daniel Pritchett which appeared in Wednesday’s Delaware State News.

• This lengthy rambling is loaded with twisted facts, untruths, and downright lies! Danny Boy, were you sleeping through the eight long years of (Barack Obama’s) reign of terror when he separated families at the border did so many evil things that it will take years to clean up, protected ISIS and Muslims at every turn? Appears that you pick and choose your argumentative points to suit your narrow outlook. Where did you get your “information” that the rest of the world is laughing at us? Fact is, the true American people are laughing at you for your extreme leftist hate! — Jacqueline DiPippa

• We’ll all just see what happens in the next election. All I can say is that Hillary was more despicable, bigger liar and one of the country’s most corrupt politicians we’ve ever seen. No one can convince me that we would have been better off with her. I’ll take Trump any day over any liberal. — Bob Hice

• Funny how he was never a racist, bigot, etc., before he became president. He spent millions helping black communities and received awards and accolades. — Alex Fowler

• All I can say to your well-written article is “Amen.” — Joyce Blocksom Bowers

• Weakness on the left. He isn’t doing world tours apologizing and bowing down. — Howard Gaines III

• So true. He’s doing world tours insulting the friends we need. — Jack Mackey

• Obviously you are listening to and believing CNN. Trump has done more in 18 months than (Barack Obama) did in eight years. I believe the problems your kind sees with Trump is President Trump cannot be bought and has little to no filter for his words. Trump is not Democrat or Republican. He’s American!! MAGA. — Jayne Muchler Dick

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