SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Trump one of the best?

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Readers reacted to a recent letter to the editor by Bill Sharpe of Ellendale headlined “Trump one of the best,” saying “He has restored the faith in our republic, our nation, and in our people.”

• Liberal heads exploding. — Howard Gaines III

• Heads are not exploding. They are shaking though. — Tamala Jones

• Real historians beg to differ. He’s making Jackson look good. — Paula Giordano

• Better than the alternative. — Mike Sawyer

• Conservatism is a mental disorder without a doubt. — Raymond Brown

• Hmmm. I think someone got an extra pitcher of Kool-Aid. — Joe Bernard

• Trump is like the strict disciplinarian that comes into a classroom full of unruly children. Of course they’re all angry that he upset the apple cart, and they don’t like it. They (liberal Democrats) are trying anything to get rid of him so they can go back to the good old times.

However, it won’t be till down the road when they look back and say to themselves like we do as get older, that he really changed things and I and this country are better off now than we otherwise would have been. The good hard-working kids in the class (middle America) are glad that things are getting back to order and moving in the right direction. (The media is the Department of Education) — Bob Hice

• No facts. No sense of history. Just bluster. Can’t argue with that. — William Mazzariello

• Trump’s a traitor. He serves Putin and Russia, not America. — Rob Roth

• Thank you Bill Sharpe. Your wit and sarcasm is one of the best! —Kenneth Hunnings

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