Sound Off Delaware, Unemployment rate, Congressional discord

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Unemployment rate

Data released Friday by the Delaware Department of Labor indicates the First State’s unemployment rate for November was 3.8 percent, just above the national figure of 3.7 percent.

• Thank you President Trump! — Kirk Lawson

• Now, if Delaware would just eliminate the bureaucratic nightmare for business people we would be rockin it out even more. — Beth Ann

• Most are primarily low-wage jobs with no benefits, and many are seasonal (unemployment always drops before the winter holidays). Employment was already well on the rise when Trump took over, and he is just riding the wave. — Dan Fluman

• Anything positive is because of Obama anything negative is Trump’s fault. Wow the liberal mind is a twisted mess. — Stephen Terrance Herd

Congressional discord

In a recent Letter to the Editor, writer Beverly Monahan discussed the implications of the Democrats taking over the U.S. House of Representatives.

• Beverly Monahan objects to what Speaker Pelosi MAY do next year, that is, block the president’s programs. Shocking! Where were her protests when the Republicans tried to do the same to President Obama. Did she forget that Senator McConnell said that he and other Republicans would do everything in their power to ensure that President Obama was a one-term president? Democrats have offered to work in a bipartisan manner if the Republicans will do the same. Thats good governance. — Charlie Garlow

• The president and the Congress are most responsible for the great American dream to be teetering on the edge of crashing, monitored and egged on by the press to keep the action moving into oblivion. The Congress needs to stop the hate of the president and begin to act in the best interest of America and Americans. They are self-centered maniacs with no concern except for themselves and their personal agenda. Please, God, intervene and save America. — Timmy Harmon

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