SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Unemployment rates

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The First State’s unemployment rate inched up in September while the jobless numbers dropped nationally during the same time.
Last month’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in Delaware was 4 percent, up from 3.9 percent in August. The United States’ rates were 3.7 percent in September, down from 3.9 percent in August.

• Cant blame the Republicans! — Fred Hallback

• Delaware is not small business friendly. Too many regulations, too much red tape and too much incompetence. It took three years to get a permit to build a building to grow our business and to hire more people. And we experienced nothing but stress from the powers that be throughout the entire building process that took several months longer and thousands extra because of it.
Please consider changing your vote to Republican this November. I’m actually a centrist, but tired of the Dems running our state into the ground and so I’m going red this November Its truly time for a change! — Beth Ann

• Hopefully some of the zombies will wake up and turn the state red where it belongs. — Mark Schmalhofer

• Democratic governor, Democratic senators, Democratic representative. Wake up people and get these bozos out of office! — Lin G Applegate

• Not really a partisan problem as much as it is a resident problem. Living at the beach and surrounding communities, I have listened as the locals continually oppose building new homes and businesses that would attract more businesses and jobs. People need to realize you can’t have it both ways especially here in Sussex County — the LSD way of life is no longer a secret and many folks like me moved here to escape the crazy urban life of Kent and New Castle counties. — Joe Bernard

• The only reason for this is because the summer workers are let go. It’s only a blip. — Dave Duncan

• Yes, don’t panic. All the Republican and Independent states are doing great but we are still plugging along as if Barack Obama never left office. Gee, I wonder why? — Steel Ovaries

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