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The Delaware House of Representatives on Thursday approved two bills that would expand voting rights by allowing early voting and same-day registration. Both bills passed solely on Democratic support. They now go to the Senate.

• Should be a picture ID license or state ID. Utility bill etc., is ridiculous! — Naomi Goldthwaite-Gerardi

• But are you on board with same-day registration? — Benjamin Black

• How do they do background checks for that? — Howard Gaines III

• Why would someone procrastinate until the day of to register to vote? While I’m not against the validation of a picture ID plus utility bill (which is pretty common for validation of address) to permit this action, I think people really need to take a step back and figure out how concerned they truly are in civic affairs if this is not something they prioritized. — Jonathan Arena

• Dems voted it in, makes it easier for voter fraud! — Lin G. Applegate

• That is ridiculous — the actual accounts of voter fraud are so small they are basically nil. This is what the Republicans cry about — even when they win — which I will reiterate – is ridiculous. — Tamala Jones

• What about absentee voting? I was unable to vote in one presidential election because I didn’t realize I needed to file for an absentee ballot so far in advance. — Rhonda Tyndall

• The party in power often likes early voting. Republicans nearly always oppose same-day registration. — Doug Rainey

• Wow the Democrats are getting desperate to maintain their stranglehold on Delaware aren’t they. — Bob Skuse

• What about the other 37 states (that offer early voting)? — JJ McGlothlin Jr.

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