SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Walker disavowed

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The Delaware Republican Party announced Friday it would take the unprecedented step of disavowing its nominee for the House of Representatives, with the chairman saying he does not represent the values of Delaware Republicans.

Scott Walker, who won a primary over Lee Murphy earlier this month with 53 percent of the vote, has come under fire from both the right and the left in recent weeks.

• Delaware GOP has no one but themselves to blame for Scott Walker. It is the same scenario as Mike Castle and Christine O’Donnell. O’Donnell was a wacky, unqualified Tea Party darling that no one took seriously either. When primary time rolled around, moderate/longtime Republicans didn’t vote (one of the lowest turnouts for a primary in recent times) because they figured it was Mike Castle and she didn’t stand a chance. But the Tea Party/far-right crowd came out for her and knocked Castle out.

The Delaware GOP ended up with an unelectable candidate in O’Donnell — she had no background in politics, had a sketchy employment history and had been a frequent guest on Bill Maher’s old “Politically Incorrect” TV show where she once proclaimed that she had dabbled in witchcraft and had a picnic on a “satanic altar.”

They pretty much handed the seat to Chris Coons who won by a large margin. — Michele Lapinski

• “That gentleman’s on his own,” Mr. Harrington said, noting he still does not know how Mr. Walker won his primary.”

I’m guessing it’s because 53 percent of the registered Republicans in Delaware elected him to represent them in the recent primary. I won’t vote for either candidate. The Republican Committee has successfully handed over the Senate and House seats to the Democrats due to their inability to field legitimate candidates for either office. — Bob Skuse

• He has no hope, totally unqualified and not going to win. The solid vote was Lee Murphy. — Sheila Shoemaker

• But Lee Murphy was from New Castle County and the folks in Kent and Sussex don’t like any candidates that are from New Castle County. — Brian P. Slattery

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