Sound Off Delaware: ‘Walks like a duck’

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A recent letter entitled “If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck …” accused President Donald Trump of racism.

• He also calls out “crying Chuck”, “low energy Jeb”, “crooked Hillary” and “Adam Schitt”. Guess what??? They all happen to be white! He calls out the “bad hombres” from Mexico becauase of MS-13, drug cartels, sex trafficking and that the Mexican border is one of, if not, the largest sources of drug trafficking. Yes, drugs that come into our country and kill at least 100 of our precious people everyday in the U.S.. Have you ever heard of “Angel” moms and dads? They are Parents of the children who were murdered by illegal immigrants. Trump supports these parents because their stories are so tragic and he wants immigrants who follow our laws to live here not criminals. None of this has anything to do with race. It has to do with the security of our great country! — Beth Ann

• I find that most people who support Trump and hate Obama is because of their own racist beliefs and they like him because 45 says what they have all wanted to say, but were too afraid to say until they elected him. — Gary Greer

• Statements about nations are not statements about the citizens. Statements about someone’s intellect are not automatically statements about their ethnicity. Calling reporters stupid is frequently understating the case. Statements about a candidate’s qualifications are not automatically statements about their ethnicity. Anyone who accepts the liberal argument that government should have more power is unsuited for any office, regardless of other qualifications. He had an African-American staffer. She turned out to be a back-stabber. — Charles Miller

• So would it be acceptable if someone referred to the United States in such a way? I mean after all, it doesn’t mean anything about the citizens. Liberals don’t want the government to have more power; liberals see the powers that the government already has and want to make the country a better place by making it work for everyone rather than just complaining loudly all the time. — Jeff Haycraft

• Funny. He was never called a racist before he was elected president. He is known (well maybe not to his haters) for providing help for minority neighborhoods. Gives medals to black servicemen. Has done what he promised. The economy is better (Yeah, I know, I can hear you all screeching “Obama did it”. Why did it take 10 years?). He puts the U.S. first and that makes him a racist? Have a look at Tijuana. Do I always agree with him? Nope but I still thank God every day Hillary is not the president. — Alex Fowler

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