SOUND OFF DELAWARE: What will they do?

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Readers reacted to a letter headlined “What will they do without Trump?” by William Wilson, citing that “Trump voters have thrown away all their long-held beliefs of what it means to be a conservative, and a Republican.”

• We will worry about that in six years when Trump is gone. Until then, enjoying the ride. — Jim Price

• So the average Trump supporter never sees anything wrong. How is that different from any of the Never Trumpers, who refuse to admit when something is done right, and blame him for policies of previous administrations. — Charles Miller

• Mr. Wilson, how quickly you forget or intentionally ignore what happened under the previous administration. President Obama had the same policy on child separation. Where was the outrage from the left? Remember those pictures of kids in cages? Well, they were from 2013! Your hypocrisy is showing.

Next, your law enforcement jab. President Trump is not attacking law enforcement he is hitting at those in the FBI like McCabe, Strzok, Comey. Haven’t you kept up with recent news? Do you still believe that there is massive evidence of collusion with the Russians? The only collusion I see is within the FBI.

Now onto the massive tax breaks for the rich. I received a very nice tax break thank you and I can guarantee I am not rich by any standard. Those tax breaks for the businesses along with other pro-growth policies have created a booming economy that has created jobs for all and the treasury is taking in record taxes. President Trump did screw up by signing the budget that the establishment Republican Congress sent him but he quickly said that it would not happen again. And that brings us to his conservatism.

Did a liberal nominate Gorsuch or Kavanaugh? In case you still have your head stuck in the sand. Establishment Republicans, i.e. George Will all voted for Hillary. The establishment Republicans hate President Trump just as much as you do. All the things the so-called conservative intelligentia have called for over the years President Trump has been doing but because President Trump is rough around the edges and not one of them they trash him. President Trump is much more conservative than the establishment Ryan or McConnell, who only do the things they do to protect their power.

On the contrary, supporters of President Trump have not thrown away their conservative values they have grown tired of being constantly lied to by the Republican Party which joined the Democrat party to form the Ruling Party. — Bob Beckman

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