Sound Off Delaware: Wrestling coach fired

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A part-time head wrestling coach at W. T. Chipman Middle School was terminated after a student claimed to see a firearm being displayed during practice on Wednesday, according the Lake Forest District. The alleged incident occurred at the Harrington Parks and Recreation building where the team practices.

• So, he’s been #metoo’d over a gun. — Dana Watford Kavanagh

• So, in a time that some are talking about putting armed security into schools and even arming teachers, a swirb law enforcement officer apparently makes a mistake and everyone freaks out? He gets fired as a coach, suspended from his full time job, and we now are going to escort the team with an armed security detail?

Without any information about how or why the incident even happened, everyone is freaking out. Don’t we investigate first before we start firing people? What law did he break? What threat did he pose? Whom did he threaten? Is everyone crazy? — Dana Watford Kavanagh

• Sad but I will wait for whole story from the investigation before pointing fingers and I also think of correction officer as enforcement of law. Thank you for everything you do inside the prison. — Linda Johnson

• Democrats in this country have “displayed” treasonous acts and tyranny disguised as them being more intelligent than the commoners we are to them. If we allow this accusation brought on this wrestling coach who has stepped above and beyond to help young students become better at the sport and maybe even learning that life is only as good as the effort you put into it. Then I hereby declare the arrest and imprisonment of many politicians throughout our country. — Mark Lepkowski

• So the coach was not on school grounds? With him being a corrections officer I’m pretty sure he’s trained to protect himself and the people around him. People have ruined this man’s way of life. Does this mean that police can’t walk the streets because they have a firearm? I see the coach being able to retire and live off of the lawsuits that should happen. — Michael Berg

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