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Post office on the move

Dover’s landmark 55 Loockerman Plaza post office location for five decades will be vacated in a couple of years, officials said Friday. The current lease with the city expires in 2020.

• Keep in mind that the city’s building on Reed Street and the City Hall are aging and really need to be rebuilt to • The most convenient and logical move would be the old Value City building. It’s large enough, unlike a lot of the buildings that are vacant downtown. I have worked in the Dover Post Office and they need space for carrier distribution as well as PO boxes. Not to mention the lobby is too small as it is now. As for transportation, well, DelDOT is constantly in and out of the old Value City parking lot since their bus depot is right behind it. The parking lot is large enough and although many do not know this, Dover carriers deliver all the way down to Woodside so it is a central location. — Sandy Evans Primo

• People still use mail boxes? — Deborah Wilkerson Mitchell

• There is a nice-sized piece of land across from the Modern Maturity Center on Route 8 which was going to be a multi-business retail site a couple of years ago, but nothing ever was built. If viable, it would allow easy access and could tie in to the existing traffic light at Modern Maturity. — Dan Maher

• We need to privatize the post office. They do not keep up with the service of UPS or Fed Ex. — Patricia Woodie

• Well, let’s see. There’s Toys R Us, Acme, Sears, or they could put it on the second floor of the new parking garage. — Jim Bowie

Seeking attention

Readers recently reacted to a letter headlined “Stop giving shooters the attention they crave”

• This is exactly what I have been saying, too. Most of our problems are “media enlarged”! You name the issue that causes so much agony, and there you will find the media! That’s what sells! And we, the people, gobble it up. Get a clue, lawmakers! Stop using the words of appeasement to your constituents and actually expand your thought processes as suggested in this article. Find the real issue! —Barbara G. Cool

• I agree, they seek infamy since they are denied popularity. Stop giving it to them. — Io Jupiter

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