SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Pay raises for Delaware workers

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On Monday, lawmakers approved a pay raise for more than 24,000 state government employees — plus an additional $500 bonus for each.

• Looks like the employees enjoyed a nice little windfall. Yea, taxpayers! — Bill Dixon

• How about we not accept the fee hikes associated with these “bonuses” — Amy Walton

• Yeah and jacked the health care up which ate that little raise up and some! State employees need a true cost of living increase. County budgets allow their employees raises every year – and for the negative “taxpayer” comments (because you know they’re coming) state employees pay their fair share of taxes too and raise thousands of dollars a year for local nonprofits through the SECC Campaign. — James Elocin

• As a new state resident, I won’t complain about taxes here. The state employees I have seen seem very hard-working. Everyone deserves an increase in pay periodically. — Eileen Waldron

• Eileen, I would like to thank you for coming to Delaware and appreciating what we offer. — Benjamin Black

• Only out of state transplants seem to understand how good we have it tax-wise in this state! — Mike Johnson

• Yoo hoo, the retirees eat too. We do need a raise. — Ray Yarnall Sr.

• Equal across the board. Retirees want our fair share too! — Howard Gaines III

• Mike Johnson, I take it that you chose to work at a job that doesn’t offer a pension. I expect that you wouldn’t want to live on what you would get paid as a state employee. But state employees chose to accept lower pay in exchange for government service and usually some sort of pension. Often those who see them as “lucky” fail to see the whole picture. — Valerie Melissa

• Valerie Melissa. Very few jobs offer pensions today. The younger generation is going to have to do something yours never had to worry about. Working and investing our money wisely to live during retirement, not to mention our retirement age will be five years later then yours once we get to it. The boomers are the definition of privileged. — Mike Johnson

• They deserve much better at all levels. — Steve Goldman

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