Speak Out: Abortion debate

Readers reacted to a recent commentary by Eric Morrison headlined “Delaware abortion bills all about controlling women”

• What about the baby’s rights? You change the name from baby to fetus but in reality, the definition of that is unborn human. They are trying to desensitize people into believing that because you call it a fetus it’s OK to kill it!! Save the unborn, those babies should have rights too! It’s a sick world we live in when it is legal to kill unborn humans and even after they are born, letting them die when they survive abortion is pure evil!! But it is illegal to kill, birds of prey really, so a bird has more value than a human life? Democrats have become the death party, we need to vote them all out. Now they are trying to bring socialism in our country! — Theresa Rash

• Spot on Eric, and I’d add they are quick to defund food stamps, and practically any social program that would help those women who don’t have the choice they deserve. — Tamala Jones

• I love this op/ed. Thank you for writing it. People need to be reminded that it’s everyone’s responsibility to protect the choices that women have been making about their bodies throughout history. Roe vs. Wade protects women by giving them legitimate medical support for procedures they would still be undertaking under any circumstances. Removing and diminishing Roe vs. Wade wouldn’t create more babies, it would kill women. — Ryan Grover

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