Speak Out: Amazon rebuffs New York

Readers reacted to an Associated Press story headlined “Amazon decision a win for Democrats’ rising left wing”

• You think that’s a win? They just lost a total of 25k jobs and billions in tax revenue for the state! Amazon also offered to build schools and to repair the subway system! — Dean Grabowski

• It’s like shooting off your foot and laughing about it, saying you don’t need it anyway. — Richard Miller

•Hey, New York. How are you liking what you elected? — Dana Watford Kavanagh

• A lot of them love it actually. — Valina Mua

• Democrats won the battle but lost the war. These days corporate welfare has been the only way to lure new jobs to one’s state. It’s extortion as corporations are playing us. America has socialism for the wealthy and rugged individualism for workers. — Jim Kelley

• Great job New York! They wouldn’t let them unionize anyway. That just lets the corporations make higher profits and the working poor stays just that! — Marie Law

• Most of the people I know who have worked at Amazon would not call it a good-paying job. Nor would they call it a valid career path. — Kevin McCoy

• How is costing citizens 25,000 new jobs a win? — Anita Anderson Spangler

• Infighting by the Dems in New York. Gotta love it. — Kevin Reinike

• Win for (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) maybe. She thinks New York City is handing Amazon 3 billion dollars, that she could spend somewhere else. It’s a tax break. A loss of 25K jobs for NYC. — John P. Leech

• Delaware will welcome Amazon! — Patti Smith

• New York is controlled by radical leftists. What did you expect? — Mark Schmalhofer

• Amazon is one the richest companies in the world, why should tax payers front all the money to build their HQ and give Amazon tax credits over the next 30 years? Has nothing to do with party affiliations, just looking out for public. Let some other state sell their soul to these companies who have no loyalty to local communities. — Sean E Dial

• Good. Yes people would be employed on a marginal level but the whole bidding for amazon’s HQ is a way for the to establish for free. New Yorkers don’t deserve that. Delawareans sure as hell wouldn’t deserve that either. In order to sweeten the incentive, cities are slashing budgets in other areas to pay amazon to locate there. No thanks. Good for NYC for saying no. If Amazon truly wanted to come into a community because they believed it advantageous they should pay into that community via taxes instead of get a five-year tax-free deal, reduced rate, etc. — Danielle Levredge

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