Speak Out: Another Indian River referendum

With Delaware Department of Education’s blessing, New Year 2020 at some point will put another major capital improvement referendum before Indian River School District voters.

Precisely what the referendum will encompass remains to be seen, and the IRSD school board at its June 24 meeting took the official step in approving the preliminary process that includes documentation and certificates of necessity to meet a late August deadline.

• What impact is due to illegal alien students? — Pete Parks

• Why should that matter to the district? Their job is to instruct all students, not the ones they want. — Benjamin Black

• It’s a money issue. In Baltimore schools have lost their title one funding due to the fact that they cannot count the illegal students. My daughter’s school is looing lots of money and the class sizes will be close to 40 for elementary schools.

• But IR can’t make any decisions based on legal status; they have to worry about everyone present. — Benjamin Black

• They’ll keep doing referendums until it passes. That’s the tactic used — eventually opponents get tired of being forced to the polls a couple of times per year, stop going, and the money grab passes. — B.K. Smith

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