Speak Out: Armed guard in library?

Readers recently reacted to a letter to the editor entitled “Dover library armed guard idea ‘ludicrous’”

• What is ridiculous about the idea? Those police cadets are just that — cadets. And Dover and Delaware would do something to help the homeless then maybe it wouldn’t be a problem. Like the old Dover library just sitting there empty. Why not do something that will help the homeless. But an armed guard is not that ridiculous. — Bobbi Costello

• Just to add the perspective of a curmudgeon with police experience, who was at one time considered an expert in security, I agree in having armed guards. In fact I believe we should have armed guards along with an armed society, especially in our schools where we have our country’s most valuable assets. Seriously, the library had a guy expose his privates. He was identified and arrested. What would an armed guard have done different? Shoot his “whatever off”? Is the library going to have guards stop people with zippers from entering? Armed guards, armed police, and armed civilians make everyone safer, and I strongly support the 2nd amendment. So give the library the armed guard, along with the schools, and arm our civilians, because the next time they bump into a vagrant, that might not be a zipper he’s reaching for. —— Frederick Tate

• I was in the library yesterday, to see a photo exhibit. What a beautiful facility and I saw no one acting unruly. People were reading, on the computers and working quietly on laptops. Maybe at other times, it is different. The restrooms are locked and a photo ID or library card must be shown to use them. — Eileen Waldron

• Remember that one bad apple can ruin the whole barrel. Kill a spider with a flame thrower! — Dan Fluman

• It seems like we aren’t addressing issues if our libraries are being used in a way that isn’t intended. P.S. It’s not just Dover. — Marie Law

• Why does everyone feel the need to bring political stances into what is supposed to be a bipartisan or non-partisan decision. So very sick of the political digs on both sides. If the R’s think of it, the D’s stereotypically rant about it, disagree with it, disrespectfully argue against it for that one and only reason. And vise versa . Stick with the issues. Personally a public forum or town hall may benefit. Ask questions and listen to the answers with an open mind. I don’t live in Dover, however, my daughter and I enjoy the library. — Cindy Ennis

• The truth about the Dover library is that it was built largely on the basis of counting the number of people “using” the library programs and facilities. The former library was thereby determined to be inadequate to accommodate the needs of the users. That means all those who entered not for library services, but to be warmer or cooler inside the building, and to use its restroom facilities. Those were self-evident facts then, and they have not changed. Everybody knows this but is reluctant to acknowledge it. If one has a public building downtown, where many homeless tend to hang out, this is what you get. — Bill Anderson

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