Speak Out: Armed guards in Dover Public Library

Dover City Manager Donna Mitchell said the city of Dover needs to devise a plan to address public safety at the Dover Public Library in order to win back all the public’s trust in patronizing the library. Mrs. Mitchell proposed hiring a full-time armed security guard for the library at the Council Committee of the Whole meeting at City Hall on Tuesday night.

• What about schools when it’s dark and teachers leaving? What about movie theaters? Churches? Restaurants? Department stores? Malls? Fast-food places? Parks? Hair salon? All banks? Hospitals? For all staff that have to leave after dark? And so on. — Darlene Siler Sullivan

• Most large cities especially most state capitals have with armed security or off-duty police in the libraries and all other public state buildings. Unfortunately it’s a sad sign of the times. — Frankie Manley

• This is in most cities. Its a good thing. The public should be able to take their children to the library without dealing with chaos. This will help the ongoing problems.— Ashley Walton

•We should not be like most cities. That’s the point. We are more a small town not a large city such as Philadelphia or Baltimore. — Michelle A. Brown

• If you didn’t let people overtake the place, this would never have been a issue. —Ricky Kozakowsk

• Maybe the Dover Public Library could create a lounge-like atmosphere in the conference rooms just past the restrooms. The homeless could still have a cool and safe place to be without being “too loud or having their feet on furniture” as the article states. Personally I have never had an issue with the people there and find them friendly and talkative. I support a police presence in any atmosphere provided all patrons are still permitted to civilly use the premises. — Lisa Bell

• I love how everyone wants to blame the problem on the homeless. It’s not “the homeless” it’s individual jerks. We are told not to judge everyone by one person’s behavior but in this case it’s always accepted. By the way, if the homeless had some options as to places to live, affordable safe places to call home, we wouldn’t have all this in our streets. Do some research, there is nowhere that someone living at the lowest end of the economic ladder to live in Dover, Kent County or in all of Delaware. I challenge everyone here with their negative homeless comments to offer a solution to where are they supposed to go and don’t tell me get a job. The majority of them are mentally ill, physically handicapped, low intelligence or skilled, serious health issues, elderly and extremely poor. Maybe if we could find solutions for those who would be in a home if they could afford one (micro apartments, tiny homes, shared living etc.) we would have a better idea as to what to do with the 10% left out there that are troublemakers.

Most of them are from here or came here in their lifetime to make a home and have ended up in a desperate situation for a variety of reasons. We’ve had enough judgment. It’s time for solutions. Not government subsidized solutions but by building homes that poor people can afford. — Sue Harris

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