Speak Out: Assisted suicide bill

Legislation introduced Thursday would authorize physician-assisted suicide for terminally ill patients.

It’s the third time Rep. Paul Baumbach, D-Newark, has attempted to pass a “death with dignity” bill. The first try, in the 148th General Assembly, did not even see the bill make it out of committee. Similar legislation was released to the House floor in the following session but never got a vote.

• Stop forcing terminally ill people to suffer before their deaths! — Becca Brown

• Horrendous straw man argument. No one is “forcing terminally ill people to suffer.” Unfortunately, whatever illness they have may cause suffering, but that isn’t the fault of anyone and they could always, tragically, end their own lives. Suicide, however, is a social taboo for good reason. It’s a bad thing. So, the last thing good people do is remove the restraints from the public. To do so is a further degradation of our already sick collective morality. And it’s always humorous (not really) how people who try to advocate for this sort of thing twist language and mislead to promote it. “Death with dignity,” no. It’s still just someone killing himself. It’s not too far from insisting that abortion be seen and referred to as nothing more than a “medical procedure”. — Andy Daller

• To an extent, this is part of normal estate planning. What’s the big deal?– Jordan Irazabal

• We are not pets. We are human beings. We should not be treating people like pets and be “putting them down.” — Clint Brothers

• That’s your choice but you don’t have the right to make my choice. It’s like abortion. If you don’t like it, don’t have one but you have no right to decide what others want to do. — Peter Giaquinto

• What about those, who are terminally ill, who either don’t have the money, or the desire to fight the fight? We truly don’t have freedom, only the illusion of thus. — Brian Scharf

• If this bill passes, don’t start there. Go ahead and bring back the death penalty. Hell, if you kill someone who has chosen to have assisted suicide, then we can damn sure kill pedophiles, rapists and murders. If they put down a 1,200-pound horse, you can surely put down a 225-pound man. — Bill Lawson

• It’s only humane to allow the terminally ill person to choose.— Joyce Tuxward

• Will wonders never cease? Here is something a Dem is presenting that I agree with. — Guy Fowler

• Perhaps these physicians and legislators who are so adamantly opposed to death with dignity for adults over the age of 21 who are terminally ill, should express their indignity with abortion. If people are so adamantly opposed to allowing an adult to choose, then they should be prepared to pick up all of the costs and pain associated with forcing them to continue to remain alive. — Bob Skuse

• Control over the manner and timing of a person’s death has not been and should not be a goal of medicine.” Then why do doctors continue to medicate, treat, prevent, force feed, etc., an inevitable death? Is it the insurance? It’s certainly not humanity. — Barbara G. Cool

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