Speak Out: Bernie Sander’s politics

Bernie Sanders acknowledges that many of his top proposals, which were dismissed as radical four years ago, have been adopted by much of the crowded 2020 Democratic presidential primary field: “Medicare for All,” tuition-free college, spending trillions to combat climate change and a national $15 per hour minimum wage. But he’s out to prove that his second presidential campaign is still about fresh energy and ideas even if its refrains now sound familiar.

•Let him pay for it with his money. — Tommy Lee

•Or get the funding from all the taxes corporations are not paying because of the new tax bill. — Pete Sullivan

•The tax breaks were meant to spur the economy which it has done. Giving tax breaks to low income families doesn’t create jobs that benefit low income families. — Wayne Whitby

•If you don’t pay taxes how is giving them more breaks going to help? They shouldn’t get anymore back than they put in. — Julianne Shockley

•Pete, it’s amazing how many people know nothing about economics and how things work. About time to make economics a requirement to be studied in school-starting in elementary grades!!!! — Suzie Schaub Stehle

•If a corporation isn’t paying taxes it means they purchased equipment which in turn helps the economy by creating more jobs …….. my accountant tell me in October how much I need to spend on new equipment before years end …… just like any other corporation — Jimmy Biggs

•The reason most corporations don’t pay taxes is the profits are distributed to the shareholders as dividends, they actually own the corporation and it is they who took the financial risk. Those shareholders are the ones the end up paying tax on those dividends. SO while the corporation did not pay the tax the shareholders do, many if not most of those shareholders are in the highest tax bracket but the democrats don’t take those tax dollars into account because it doesn’t fit their agenda. — Rick Remdenok

•I work in the construction industry , please don’t tell me about how the tax break has led to growth in the economy we are still in the same hole we have always been in — Christopher Joyce

•Just wondering.. Medicare for all.. would that mean they would do away with Medicaid? Money saved on Medicaid would pay for Medicare for all and only 80% coverage? Guess I need to read more about it all. ­— Mary E. Yoder

•This guy is off his rocker. — Willy Woods

•So what you are saying is the next election is a choice between more of the circus or tax-me-to-death? — Dave Fisher

•Bernie is so bad at math its not funny . nowhere has his outlandish ideas worked in any country ever in the history of man. In fact they have done nothing but fail when compared to our country . There is a reason people want to come into this country verses get out — Jon Walczak

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