Speak Out: Biden and communion

On Sunday, the Rev. Robert Morey at St. Anthony Catholic Church in South Carolina opted not to serve communion to Joe Biden. The priest said in a statement to media outlets that his decision was based on Biden’s support of abortion rights, something Morey said the church cannot condone by way of sacrament.

• I can’t stand Biden but even I think this is utterly stupid. — Jason M Giroso

• The priest followed Scripture and the rules of the Catholic Church. You know, where he works? It’s actually very simple. He would not serve me communion either because I am not a member and I don’t take offense to that. — Lisa Marie McCulley

•How forgiving of this priest! — Terri Byrnes

• Accepting and forgiving are not the same. — Lucas Vaughn

•This is no different than all the ignorant people out there harassing others in public because they have a different opinion. Stop being hypocrites! — Micki Dash Leventry

•A priest actually standing for the church’s beliefs, awesome! — Jacqueline Raposa

• How many others did he refuse or was the rest of the congregation perfect? — Elaine Koronik

• This attitude towards Democrats is why I don’t attend church anymore and at times I wonder how I ever was so duped. — Debbie Dickerson

• That’s not very Christianlike! — Michael Watson

• It’s perfectly in line with the cannon of the church. It’s the abortion supporters who are not Christianlike. — Tony DeFeo

• Priest is mixing politics and religion. Guessing he’s not voting for Joe. — Karen King

•No conflict. You are Roman Catholic and believe in the 10 Commandments or you are not. Thou shall not kill! — Ann Marie Miller

• If you keep your beliefs to yourself, then nobody can judge you for them. — John Barnes

• “Holy Communion signifies we are one with God, each other and the Church. Our actions should reflect that. Any public figure who advocates for abortion places himself or herself outside of Church teaching.” I’m curious as to whether this follower of God has ever sinned himself, and if so, does he deny sacraments to himself and all others who have sinned and placed themselves “outside of Church teachings.” — B.K. Smith

• This is why I don’t go to a church.. This world is full of so many opinions on everything. I just go with what’s in my heart. I talk to my God when and where I feel comfortable. Most of the time in my bed and in my car. Does the basket go around before or after communion? If so, I would have gone in the office and asked for a refund before leaving. — Beth Grier

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