Speak Out: Biden speaks out

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said Wednesday for the first time that President Donald Trump must be impeached for abusing the powers of his office to help his own reelection.

Biden made the remarks as part of a blistering 25-minute speech in New Hampshire, departing from his usual campaign pitch and signaling that he will aggressively confront Trump as the president faces an impeachment inquiry rooted in his unfounded accusations that the former vice president and his son had nefarious dealings in Ukraine.

• Biden must be referring to the eight years of the Obama years where the Democrats, including Joe Biden, were involved is many crooked dealings which were totally ignored by the slobbering media. Many of them will soon be revealed! — Philip L Puschel

• I welcome this, because a proper impeachment will require the Dems to stop channeling Kafka and Beria, and make them abide by the Constitution. — Melanie Anne

• Trump needs to get impeached after getting accused of crimes that Biden has actually done. If he isn’t, Trump will get reelected and Biden might actually face justice. Can’t have that now. — Chris Werner

• He knows he doesn’t have a chance with Trump. — Mark Joseph

• If you all truly believe that, then why is Trump so worried about Biden or Elizabeth Warren or any of the candidates running? He’s only desperate to stay in office so he can’t be indicted. Now that’s the truth Anybody that still supports Donald Trump should be ashamed now that he’s flip-flopping on pulling out now that he’s guilty of what is happening with our allies. — Mark Joseph

• About time he stood up and denounced Trump. — Merv Sparks

• Biden you haven’t changed one bit. ! Your still talk no truth like when you were vice president taking this country down and putting millions in your son’s pocket along with yours. If anyone needs to be impeached it’s your crooked Democrat friends that should all be in prison for degrading this country. You’re afraid along with your crooked friends of Trump bringing all you crooks to justice and exposing you. That’s why you all want him out. He’s the best President we have had since Ronald Reagan. — Philip Watkins

• We are a country that helps everyone else. We cover it up until we get caught then we deny or ignore it. If they like you, they don’t investigate. If they don’t there will be a crucifixion in your future. We are a fallen world and have turned against the beliefs this country was founded on. Right is wrong and wrong is right. The Bible explains all this in Revelations. — Cindy West

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