Speak Out: Biden’s enthusiasm

Readers reacted to an Associated Press story which asked that although Joe Biden is in lead in the polls, does his campaign have the enthusiasm to keep it?

• Joe’s strength is due to members of the left who see that the rest of the party has fallen over the liberal edge. Unfortunately for the blue team, Uncle Joe has lost his fastball. Currently, the left is still getting ready for the “Main Event” and they know that the “Champ” is formidable. Most of the Dem candidates know they don’t have a chance of getting the nomination or beating the “Champ,” but are merely in it for future name recognition. In the meantime, the “Champ” casually mocks a few of them, if they’re lucky, and continues on solving problems and keeping America great! — Chris Wolfe

• I’d like to know exactly what has Trump championed exactly except destroying our relationship with our allies, making America the laughingstock of the world, telling 11,000 untruths, locking kids in cages, and even the economy is tanking. — Gary Greer

• eak I don’t take issue with Joe except he is gaffe prone and its becoming clear his mental state is in decline. At this point the question is now can he be POTUS with obvious signs of some form of dementia happening? Biden was the last great hope of all those Democrats who didn’t want to jump off the ledge with their alt-left colleagues. It’s becoming increasingly clear that there is a solid block of Democrats who will never jump head first into the abyss with their alt-left anti-American, anti-constitution, Socialist brethren so where do they go from here now that they walked away? Some will begrudgingly give a vote to whomever the eventual nominee will be for the Democrats but a sizable chunk will just stay home in 2020. If liberals don’t do something soon to rein in the alt members of their party and their radical ideology that will only spell disaster for America then the Democrat Party is toast. — Shawn Knox

• Watching Joe Biden’s campaign is like watching a very, very, very, very, very, very, very slow train wreck. You know it’s going to happen but you just can’t take your eyes off if it. — Bob Smith

• Hope he can do for America what he’s done for Delaware. — Damon Keith Duvall

• (Trump) has strengthen many relationships with other countries. Where have you been? Gasoline prices are lower than they have been in years. 401ks are growing at the fastest rate, which affects most Americans. Kids in cages was started by Obama. Except for Trump having a awful personality, our country is doing great. Best growth ever and that’s what people vote for. Not kind sweet pushovers. We’ve got to be strong to keep our nation going. — Judith Mitchel Cleaver

•(Trump) has destroyed our relations with our allies. I lost everything I put into my annuity last year with a disastrous December. Trump started the kids in cages with his zero tolerance policy. — Robert Hall

• I think it’s hilarious that the left apparently learned nothing in 2016 about polls. — Kim Taylor

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