Speak Out: Biden’s gaffes

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden says verbal missteps and factual errors he’s made while campaigning aren’t “substantive.”

The former vice president made his case Wednesday in a CBS “Late Show” interview with host Stephen Colbert.

• I guess old Joe Biden forgot he was vice president when President Obama was locking kids in cages! — Bob Smith

• Yes, and notice how there was no follow-up by Stephen Colbert win Biden made that claim about kids in cages. Reminds me of what the Democrats called a debate, when Biden would not state what he did to oppose Obama constructing the cages and separating children from adults. He bailed on the question by claiming his recommendations to Obama were private matters. Nonsense! — Chuck Connors

• No Republican or conservative here but y’all liberals think this is a joke when in the end I can bet every single thing I own, that this dude is gonna be your Democratic nominee. The party of diversity is gonna have another old white man who’s a career politician. — Christopher Joyce

• Biden is the better man by far than Trump. Age discrimination starts at home. — R Tamer Peel

• If he is making up stories to prove a point he needs to state that prior to telling it. I think he still doesn’t realize what he did in college was wrong. Just sorry he was caught. — Patricia Riddagh

• But the Obama administration was perfect right? Hahaha! Obama’s lies were just concealed better by the media. — Kristin Hobbs

• Funny, but I agree. I much prefer his policies to most Republicans’ policies. — Jordan Irazabal

• So you want to give all your hard-earned money to the lazy poor who don’t want to work or even try? And you want all your rights taken away and let the government tell you what you can and can’t do with your life? Please just move to a socialist country and keep ours the way we like it. — Debra Meinhardt

• Biden has no chance. His handlers are feeling the pain. They claim that not winning in Iowa and New Hampshire is no big deal. Does that sound like a winning combination to you? — Dean Mills

• If a Trump supporter ever criticized Biden for a gaffe, then one could easily label that Trump supporter a hypocrite. And there is a huge difference between the two, Biden’s are gaffes, Trump’s are lies. — Susan Janis

• Yes, it’s laughable when Trump supporters pretend to be outraged about Biden’s misstatements. Clearly Biden is neither as big a liar or as big an idiot as Trump. Biden is, however, enough of both that he is not the right choice to run against Trump. — Mark Leece

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