Speak Out: Big plans for Little Creek

Little Creek’s mayor and two developers claim the small town’s long-vacant commercial property is about to “wake up” in a big way.

The $1.9 million pier project paid for by federal, state and local funds includes a single-lane boat ramp, floating 80-foot aluminum dock, kayak launch and dock for a DNREC enforcement boat.

For Little Creek resident and Realtor Tom Antoniou the pier is what’s driving him to pursue his plan for “Little River Landing,” a proposed three-story mixed-use building on the site of the old Cavaliers East Restaurant on 63 Main St.

• Just leave rural places rural. Why allow New Jersey retirees to take over every inch?

• This particular spot really could use some attention, even if they just tear the building down and make it a parking lot. — Salli Fulkerson Saunders

• Tearing it down is up to the owners. Why do we need more condos or townhouses and strip malls? Why is that needed in Little Creek? It’s not. Once that happens, Route 9 is going to be full of developments. — Hilary Ennis

• Good! Now build a lil Mom and Pop so I don’t have to drive to Dover. — Brandon Roach

• All this guy has is an idea. The mayor is his friend and he likes the idea. He hasn’t submitted any plans yet. How is he going to get started by September? The state review alone will be at least six months. Then the county has to approve it and issue permits. He seems a bit optimistic. — Dave Duncan

• How much you wanna bet that the idea for the boat ramp came from the developers to begin with? — Rick Reed

• Actually, it came from the fire company because they needed a new dock for the fire boat, which is supported by the watermen because they cover them if they get in trouble. The road out to the old dock at the boat ramp will be getting washed away in less than a year. Take a ride out to the end of Port Mahon Roadand see for yourself. — Dave Duncan

• I miss the liquor store that used to be right next to the creek. — Drew Miller

I remember stopping there for “supplies” on the way to the beach. — Renai Marie Salvatore

• Miss Wimbrow’s. Good seafood! — Edna Staats

• Be careful what you ask for as you may not like what you receive. — Jim Cornelius

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