Speak Out: Bloomberg jumping in?

Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire former mayor of New York City, is opening the door to a 2020 Democratic presidential campaign, signaling his dissatisfaction with the current crop of candidates vying to take on President Donald Trump.

Bloomberg, who initially ruled out a 2020 run, has not made a final decision on whether to jump into the race less than three months before primary voting begins, according to advisers. But he is taking steps toward a campaign, including filing to get on the ballot in Alabama’s presidential primary. Alabama has an early filing deadline and is among the states that vote on Super Tuesday, named for the large number of state contests that day.

In a statement on Thursday, Bloomberg adviser Howard Wolfson said the former mayor is worried that the current crop of Democratic presidential candidates is “not well positioned” to defeat Trump.

• Sorry, but you are too old, too white, and too male. Why don’t you slide over and let someone else take this one. — Natalie Andrews

• It’s a fact. Look at the poster of every U.S. president. Our country needs a diverse perspective other than rich white hetero male Christian. We’ve seen it too much and it’s led us into a capitalistic climate change catalyst catastrophe. — Danielle Levredge

• So we need to discriminate our hiring practices and only hire certain people based on skin color, religion, gender, and financial status? Are you hearing what you are saying? You’re also saying it’s OK to put up a help wanted sign in the front window of a store that says no females, Muslims, poor, young, or, homosexuals need apply. It’s the exact same thing. — Jon Walczak

• While I do agree with you on many issues, and I agree we need more diversity in our political process, I have to agree with Jon on this one as this thinking is kind of reverse racism and ageist, and dare I say, misandristic? We should choose the best candidate, regardless of skin color, religion, and all of those other things Jon mentioned, and based on their policies that are best for America and Americans, our relationship with the world and our role in it. — Gary Greer

• I don’t care if they are male or female. I don’t care about their race and that should never be why you vote for someone. Also most politicians are rich or are doing better than the middle class. They have better healthcare too, and most only care about money. And that’s despite all the things you said. — Floraleathea Coppedge

• Why doesn’t he switch to Republican like Trump did and go up against him for the Republican nomination? Just a thought. — Linda Weber Solomon

• Yeah his gun control position will really get a lot of primary votes. — Tom Small

• He’s in it for himself and the Billionaires club. — Jim Sawchak

• So the whole country can look like NYC!! Not. — Anita Hubble Reich

• He is said to be an elitist, stridently anti-Second amendment activist. Heard it said he would probably not even get the New York vote. — Frank Logullo

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