Speak Out: Boom towns

Frederica and Little Heaven’s have received increased attention since the construction of the DE Turf sports complex and completion of DelDOT’s extensive overpass project along the U.S. 1 corridor.

Kent County administrator Michael Petit de Mange believes that both areas can develop into large employment centers.

• Does every inch of land need to be developed into something? I live outside of Little Heaven and the state just spent millions so out-of-staters don’t have to stop at a light. The giant soccer fields (that apparently aren’t big enough because cars have to park on the grass) created another overpass and moved roads all because someone thought it would bring people in to local businesses…. well Medding’s and Frederica Pizza are the only nearby restaurants and they were busy before. The closest hotel is in Milford. All this stuff is just making sure farmland near Route 1 becomes packed with stuff for people who don’t live in the area.— Hillary Ennis

• Keep in mind that many (not all) of the farmers made a conscious decision to make their farm into their retirement plan (investment). They are the ones who are making the decision to sell their land to the developers, and over the past few years a few farmers have sued the Levy Court over zoning matters (because the zoning changes have a dramatic impact on how much they can sell their land for).

I think that Kent County is hoping that there will be some additional development in that area around Frederica and the DE Turf complex is their catalyst. While there are no hotels closer than Dover, Milford, and Harrington, who’s to say that there won’t be new hotels built in the area of the South Frederica exit? — Brian P. Slattery

• I totally understand that is what happens in some cases. Why is it up to the county what private land should be developed? Why do we need to have the government say where hotels should be built? People who don’t live in an area never care what happens there. Do you live in Frederica? Do you want the local government to tell everyone that everything around you needs to be developed? Do you want to live in a rural/ suburban that is then packed with stuff because we need to make beach people and retirees happy? Why do you think there needs to be hotels in Frederica? Leave people alone . The government doesn’t need to decide to develop everything. This doesn’t need to be the new Wilmington or New Jersey or whatever. — Hillary Ennis

• My dad lives on Milford Neck Road. All they needed was one freaking red and green light to let us get across the damn road. Those new overpasses are a pain in the read end. She’s right, there’s nothing there but the pizza place on the other side of the road. It floods like crazy near the beach after it rains. You have to drive almost eight miles just to get to the grocery. It’s mosquito heaven and snake heaven. Build where? There’s nothing there to go to! — Car Monaco

• The state is pushing for this (sports) complex big time. From a tax to help fund it, to getting their own off ramp. Just to name a couple things. And truly for most, it’s just a day trip. — Jeff Grzeszczak

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