Speak Out: Border wall funding

The Supreme Court cleared the way Friday for the Trump administration to tap billions of dollars in Pentagon funds to build sections of a border wall with Mexico.

The court’s five conservative justices gave the administration the green light to begin work on four contracts it has awarded using Defense Department money. Funding for the projects had been frozen by lower courts. The court’s four liberal justices wouldn’t have allowed construction to start.

• So waste the money as the drugs are flown in, shipped in and dropped right over the wall. Cut SSI, Medicare, Medicaid and all programs that would help the majority of working class. — MaryBeth Cichocki

•So you think it’s all about drugs? What about the illegal immigrants? — Stephen Terrance Herd

•His first reason was to keep drugs out. His reasoning changes daily as do his lies. If you think coming into a country seeking asylum is a crime, it is not. He has shut down many legal points of entry. He is a bigot who feels punishing people is acceptable. — MaryBeth Cichocki

•Seeking asylum is not illegal. You are correct. That’s why the wall wont block any asylum ports. But it will make it harder to sneak across the border, which is illegal. — Jason M Giroso

• It’s not about Trump. It’s about protecting Americans. — Jimmy Biggs

•Protecting Americans from who? Their own Americans like Dylan Roof? — Esmeralda Cortes

Ian Kowalewski Love wasting money that doesn’t exist? Draining the swamp is going swimmingly, I see. — Esmeralda Cortes

• Democrats are having the worst week ever. — Ryan Fenimore

• I don’t think this makes the other party have a bad week. This is all on Trump and his friends. I wonder what will be next to lose funds for what? This sets a precedent that most likely will be used at their whim. — Anne Lobaccaro

• Once again Congress failed and needed the court system to do the job. — Dave McGuigan

• Great.. now we know where to get funds in the future. Easy and the Supreme Court says it is OK. Oh will they regret this precedent. — Pete Sullivan

• I thought Democrats didn’t like walls! That’s all Delaware has. So someone or a lot of politicians are going to fill their pockets and walk proudly to their banks. — Kenneth Failing

• 1. Congress failed to address the issue of immigration for 30 plus years. They have no intention of fixing the other issue.

  1. People are actually mad because someone took the initiative to fix the problem?
  2. Sorry, but it’s time to fix Congress and get rid of the deadbeats who are wasting taxpayer time and money and not accomplishing anything. — Sharon Lee Ponsell

• What a complete waste of our taxpayer money, that will never benefit us one penny’s worth. Racism, xenophobia, and ugly prejudice is building this wall. — Eric Morrison

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