Speak Out: Caesar Rodney pay raise

By a 3-1 vote the Caesar Rodney School District Board of Education approved a modification to Superintendent Dr. Kevin R. Fitzgerald’s recent new contract that includes $5,000 pay raises each year from 2020 to 2023, and a pro-rated increase in 2019. Board member Scott Wilson was the lone dissenting vote Tuesday night at the special public meeting, explaining “My opposition was that I feel that the administration should receive the same percentage raise that teachers get … That’s been the case in past history.”

• Dr. Fitzgerald is a nice guy and seems to be good at his job. So, like the member that opposed this said, it’s not personal. But he is exactly right that admin should be getting raises similar to teachers. — Hilary Ennis

• Teachers are under a union. Unions fight for their salaries. While I agree they need a raise, collective bargaining prevents the school boards from doing this. — Junior Short

• I wholeheartedly appreciate teachers and staff, however, state employees have amazing benefits. Although I realize we have chosen to be self employed, we have to save every single solitary penny for retirement. No taxpayers contribute to a pension for us. No taxpayers will pay a portion of our health insurance when we retire. No taxpayers pay for our vacation. We have to work all year long. We don’t get 20 some “holidays” like the New Castle County permit office. And we pay $1,100 a month for health benefits with 6,500 individual and 12,500 family deductibles. If you add in state benefits, they are making a heck of a lot more than their “salaries.” — Beth Ann

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