Speak Out: Campaign cash

A Thursday story reported that Joe Biden has raised the most money from Delawareans contributing to presidential candidates. But President Trump has picked up contributions from more Delawareans than the other 20-plus candidates combined, despite the strong registration advantage the Democratic Party enjoys here.

• Tells you who should control this state. — Doug Poore

• They may be registered Democrats,but perhaps they’re not stupid! — Philip L Puschel

• How embarrassing for Delaware! — Sarah Thompson

• Goes to show some people in Delaware know a winner. — Richard Cutchin

• After the so-called debate I can only hope that Delawareans realize that their jobs and retirement income depends on re-electing Donald Trump as president in 2020. — Dave McGuigan

• This may be a blue state but there are a lot of Trump people living here. Think there is a big difference between the counties. — Debbie Gifford

• Hopefully this is a sign that Delaware is going to go Republican finally. — Greg Sheraton

• Wouldn’t that be something? But there’s no chance. — Yvonne Cole Herrmann

• Personally, I’d rather hold off and donate to the nominee if possible rather than someone who isn’t taking on Trump right now. I’m sure others are waiting as well, not wanting to contribute money to infighting when it will be needed later. — Michael McKain

• I know one thing for sure. I will not be completing the Census 2020. We don’t need any more clowns representing us. Especially since they will be allowing the illegals to complete the census. It will not help this state to add to the circus of the clowns already in place. It’s high time for the Circus of the Stars to pack up tents and go somewhere else. — Pamela L Zienneker

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