Speak Out: Capital referendum passes

Three phases of a nearly $115.67 million referendum was approved by residents in the Capital School District on Tuesday night.

• So proud that the residents of the CSD embraced the vision. The students of the CSD deserve the benefits from this referendum. — Andi Russo

• More tax increases to come in the Sanctuary State of Delaware. Remember, illegals come before citizens. — Gene Hansen

• I’m pretty sure this will help children who live in Dover. That’s a good thing. — Nicole Sexton

• I’d rather pay higher taxes for a decent education for these children. — Dawn Sinex-Wescott

• I would prefer that people pay for their own kids’ education. — Mark Schmalhofer

• A new school does not guarantee higher education. But a new school will guarantee taxes going up. This is a big mistake, people. Your taxes will steadily now increase for the next five-plus years and never come back down. Because a new school needs teachers and how do they get paid? (School taxes). — Stephen Yoder

• Congratulations! How awesome for the students! — Naya Cruz

• Great for the students but (stinks) for the elderly who have to pay more taxes now. — Suzanne Cornelius Bump

• The elderly that you speak of have not always been elderly. When they were young, with children in school, there were elderly paying taxes. If you are really concerned about the elderly, ask your legislators to reinstate the $500 school tax credits that were reduced two years ago. — Kevin McCarthy

• This is so the children in the Capital School District have better education and better space to learn. This is a good thing! I sat and spoke with the superintendent and what they are doing is awesome! I’m a proud Senator that has a right to vote! — Alexsix Williams

• Property tax in Delaware as a whole is pretty cheap compared to other states so I don’t know why there are so many people up in arms about a small increase of taxes for our children and the future. And yes I pay property tax on more than one property. — Emiir AR Gilder

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