Speak Out: Carney’s budget proposal

Gov. John Carney’s proposed operating budget marks a 3.8 percent increase over the current fiscal year and includes another pay raise for state employees. His budget includes a $1,000 pay increase for most state workers, with teachers getting a 2 percent pay raise.

• Thank you, Governor Carney. I am retired, but appreciate what you are doing for the Delaware worker. — Bradley Skelcher

• Wonder which of my taxes will get raised to fund this proposed raise? Gas tax? Property tax? Road tax? School tax? Sorry not sorry but that money has to come from somewhere. — Dean Grabowski

•OK, how about a gun tax to raise the money? — Rob Roth

• Already pay that too! How about stopping EIC and not giving back taxes people haven’t paid! Too many people in this state getting back 10k when they only pay 2k in taxes. — Dean Grabowski

• Should not be a blanket raise but should be performance based only. I used to be a state worker and there are too many lazy state workers out there. — Tommy Munro

• Also, the cost of our insurance will go up and this “raise” normally doesn’t cover that increase. We also pay taxes and are subject to raised taxes so what makes everyone think that they are the ONLY ones affected. The ones of us that work hard absolutely deserve this raise! — Lora Nacrelli

• How about a tax reduction across the board so It’s fair for everyone? — Mark Schmalhofer

• People who work for the state usually work for wages that are significantly lower than the average cost of living. Essentially people who work for the state usually need to work two or more jobs to afford to live.

Many state workers also rely on and qualify for government assistance because they literally can’t afford the cost of living without the assistance. A nurse that works for the state makes 25 to 30 percent less then a nurse working in the private sector. And that trend follows with every other professional position within the state.

State workers need and deserve a raise, so they can at least afford to live without having to work themselves to death or rely on entitlement benefits. Not to mention, state workers are usually not compensated for their education, i.e., someone with a BA will make the same amount as someone with no degree if they are in the same pay grade. I hope the raise is approved. — Si Martinez

Let’s then add in benefits because I can tell you being self employed has its downfalls and we pay $1300 per month for a family of four for healthcare with an out of pocket $10,000 deductible and that’s only health no vision or dental — all out of pocket. Hence why we need a wall, too much money given to people who are not participating in the work force making the middle class pay for everyone — Natalie Melson Warfel

• Too many state workers qualify for Social Services benefits! I worked for the state from 2005 to 2011 and my paychecks were less at the end than when I started! Some of those workers don’t make enough to live on! — Rebecca Murrell Coleman

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