Speak Out: Caving in?

Some conservative backers accused President Trump over the weekend of caving in to Democrats in the deal to reopen the U.S. government.

• The only people he caved to was the federal employees! Dems refused two bills to pay them so President Trump did the right thing. Dems too busy playing games. If you think he caved to Dems in getting these people paid then that’s pretty sad. You would think people would be a little more happy but as I said, it’s a game to the left. — Karinna Rodgers

• I think what we are all forgetting is this cost our economy more than building a wall would have. It’s time to focus on what’s best for the American people. — Julie Cosco-Deputy

• The wall would have cost more than $60 billion to build. And that doesn’t include the billions in lawsuits that would arise when the government started seizing land from farmers and ranchers through eminent domain. Also, the wall would cost billions to maintain. The $5 billion was just a start. — Michael McGaughey

• Trump didn’t cave. He’s just setting up his next chess move. He’s not going to shut down the government again. That’s not part of his plan! — Warren Jones

• The Democrats caved on the American people. They want $66 billion for foreign aid but wont spend $5 billion to secure our borders. When will they put Americans first? They wanted the wall when Obama was president, why not now? — Stephen Terrance Herd

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