Speak Out: Challenger for Coons

Jessica Scarane, a Wilmington-based digital strategist who serves as the board president of the nonprofit Girls Inc. of Delaware, announced Monday she plans to run against Sen. Chris Coons in a Democratic primary next year.

She is running on a progressive platform that includes implementing universal health care, a $15 minimum wage and tuition-free college and taking major steps to tackle climate change.

• And where is the money coming from to pay for all this magical free stuff? Lots of taxes! — Jon Walczak

• Two cents tax on every dollar over $50 million in assets – like Elizabeth Warren proposes. — Eileen Waldron

•So basically forcing “millionaires” to move out of state thus make less in taxes? — Eileen Waldron

• Let’s just let her weaken Coons so we can get a Republican in there! — Loretta Pramick

• So another Democrat Socialist. — Jeff Grzeszczak

• U.S. has had socialism since Lincoln. — Matt Kay

• Don’t drive down any streets. Don’t call the fire or ambulance service. Don’t call cops if your house gets robbed. — Ed Likes

• That all sounds great, but nothing is free! Someone is paying for all of those ideas! — Sherri Farmer Baynum

• We spend more on our military than the next 10 largest countries combined. And we have a president currently, who is scaling back our operations abroad. Yet he is proposing increasing spending in our military budget. While he is proposing or considering cutting programs that help those in need and the elderly. It’s time to focus on the health care of our citizens, children and the elderly. And not on the wealthy and the wealth of the government and militarily contractors. Period. — Dennis Norwood

• Good for her but I don’t think she will beat Coons. — Paul Kennedy

• Delaware residents have the program at DelTech where good students can go to college for free. DelTech has locations throughout the state. — Jennifer Mousley Zurzolo

• I guess doing well in school isn’t good enough for her. College in Delaware is going to be the equivalent of the failing education system we already have. Private college tuition is going to go through the roof. — Jami Lynn Murrell-Rexrode

• Just another Democrat with no original ideas. Someone needs to teach her the facts. Nothing is free. And nothing should be. — Dennis Mehrenberg

• Funny how the only time anyone is mad about their taxes is when someone wants to use them to help people with things like education, livable wages and clean water. — Justin Neal Capps

• Coons is to moderate for Delaware Blue and too beholding to the banks. But he is better than a Republican any day of the week. — Susan Janis

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