Speak Out: Changing primary date

Readers reacted to a Sunday commentary by Greg Lavelle on HB41, which passed the House and now awaits action in the Senate. It would change the September primary to April.

• With the primary currently being held in September, how many times does an incumbent get challenged by someone in his or her’s own party? Almost never. In my view, holding the primary in September protects the incumbent for opposition party candidates, largely because when a primary is needed it’s two or more candidates from the opposing party squaring off. The challenge almost never comes from the incumbent’s own party. A primary in September gives the primary winner about six weeks to run, in most cases, a very well-known incumbent. Thus tipping the scales towards incumbency. There are also financial concerns for those opposition party challengers who primary. Funds typically lack for the opposition party challengers until the primary is complete. Again about six weeks to mount an effective campaign against a longtime incumbent made more difficult. — Mark Pugh

• Of late, the parties are quashing any challengers who want to step up for a primary. That is incumbency protection as well. Delaware may be mostly blue, but those areas/districts that are solidly red should be seeing primaries if there are challengers within the party. — Brian P Slattery

•Just another way for the politicians to control our state not the citizens! I will be contacting my senator. —Marian Parrish Coker

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