Speak Out: Clearing snow and ice

Bipartisan legislation filed last week would require drivers to clear snow and ice off their vehicles before starting them. Failing to do so would lead to a fine of $25 to $75 if the bill passes.

• People, stop making lawmakers do things like this and police waste their time on this stuff — be considerate, use your common sense. — Ellen Jarrell Hamilton

• I thought it was already illegal to not clear all the snow off of your vehicle before driving – guess that’s why I get ticked off seeing people out in the snow without even clearing their rear windows and snow flying off of cars and the big trucks out on Route 1. — Dan Maher

• And how do you “lawmakers” propose the truck drivers remove the snow from their trailers? Will troopers be stopping and checking trucks entering from other states? Troopers have better things to do in snowy weather, don’t you think? How will motorists manage to clear their vehicles when they come out of work when they don’t have a broom in their possession? Should they just live in their vehicle until the Spring thaw? Good grief! Is this really why we sent you to Dover? — Chris Wolfe

• It snows twice a year. Is there really a need for this law? — Eugene A Lestardo III

• Agree. I think Delaware has sooooo many things that Dover needs to be worrying about besides snow on cars! – Beth Anne Poe-Houseman

•No points applied to the license turns this from a true safety-related measure to nothing more than a cash grab. This is Delaware where we get almost no snow that seriously accumulates, unlike other snow heavy states. Doesn’t our legislature have anything productive they can do? — Beth Anne Poe-Houseman

• Our awesome state and town police are too busy dealing with real issues to enforce this! — Beth Anne Poe-Houseman

• The Delaware attorney general announced a long list of lighter fines/sentences/consequences for criminals. Then, Delaware wants to do this. This isn’t criminal justice reform. This is openly moving into becoming a business. Soon you can commit murder and just pay a fine. – Erin Chronister

• Long time coming! Make the fines steep! So many lazy people don’t clean off their vehicles and as they ride down the roads, that snow freezes to ice and at 60 mph, it flies off and can damage someone’s car or worse cause an accident. It’s happened to me and really makes my blood pressure go through the roof. – Mike Travers

• All fine and good but they must enforce it. It’s also the law to have your headlights on when your wipers are on. Also you’re not supposed to drive with just “parking” lights on but it happens all the time. — Mel Barnhart

• Kinda low on the list during warmer weather. But almost being a victim of a flying piece of ice off of a truck that narrowly missed my windshield on the Barker’s Landing bridge, its not a fun feeling. – Kevin Reb

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