Speak Out: ‘Clumsy and inept’

Britain’s ambassador to the United States described the Trump administration as “diplomatically clumsy and inept” and said he doubted it would become “substantially more normal,” according to a leaked diplomatic cable published Sunday.

The memo was one of several leaked documents published by the Mail on Sunday in which Ambassador Kim Darroch made highly negative statements about the government of Britain’s closest ally.

On Wednesday, Mr. Darroch resigned from his position.

• So glad we value his opinion. — Stacy Johnson

• His opinion is indicative of the rest of the world. Take it or leave it. — JJ McGlothlin Jr.

• Were gonna leave it. — Jason Rextc

• How are you going to argue that his administration isn’t clumsy and inept? You remember all the people that quit and/or went to jail over stuff they did for the Trump campaign. Come on now, call a spade a spade. — Jordan Irazabal

• How is Brexit going? You only take the will of the people under consideration? When you used to control most of the world and now you barely control a few islands, then you should keep your mouth shut. — Ryan Fenimore

That’s an undestatement. Luckily he hasn’t been able to ruin the Obama recovery to our economy. — Jim Coleman

• What Obama recovery? The one he said couldn’t happen unless Trump had a magic wand ? The economy is going gangbusters because Trump removed the regulations that your hero was using to choke out businesses. It’s America first now, not pushing companies toward Mexico and China. Get behind America no matter if you didn’t vote for Trump. I didn’t vote for Obama but if another country dissed him or America then I took his side over England. — Michael Scott Fulcher

• Along with every other ambassador in the world with the exception of Russia and North Korea. — Eddie Curley

• They still mad about that 1776 thing? — Sharon Lee Ponsell

• Duh, as if that ambassador is stating anything different than everyone else has. Trump has made America the laughingstock of the free world. — Susan Janis

• Is he aware of Parliaments behavior during the Brexit debates? — Donald Gansauer

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