Speak Out: Cohen testifies

The president’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen on Wednesday cast him as a racist and conman who used his inner circle to cover up politically damaging allegations about sex and lied about his business interests in Russia throughout the campaign that sent him to the White House.

• The problem with liars…they LIE! — Howard Gaines III

• He lies but he’s not a liar. — Stephen Terrance Herd

• And he lied for the Liar In Chief! — Gary Greer

Donald Trump did no wrong. Move along now. — Mark Schmalhofer

•This guy has been disbarred because he’s such unreliable. How many of these false stories are going to be parroted by liberals before they realize they’ve been manipulated for going on three years straight? — Willy Beal

• He has said a lot before, but now that it serves Democrats it’s good to have yet another liar testifying. — William Jamar

Since when do we believe convicted lawyers? — Michael Pepper

•He has not said anything we all didn’t all ready know about, what a joke. Even Feinstein, says he has a credibility problem. And she’s even as far left as you can go. — Jeff Grzeszczak

• The man has lost his job and income! Deals made and book deal in the works. He got caught and found out he’s not as good a lawyer as he thought. — Mark Joseph

• Can’t believe anything he says, just remember he was a lawyer they make their living on lies, live by lies, and rip you off by lies. He won’t spend six months detained. You know he’s not in a real prison but living a life of luxury, I’m sure Trump has skeletons but who hasn’t? Was no problem when Clinton had his Monica. So many two-faced people out there. I’d like see him spend full three years in a real prison with real criminals. — Philip Watkins

• Yeah, well I knew it too. Anybody paying attention to the news back then knew the email dump was coming. Only it was the DNC email dump, not a Hillary email dump, which the media is intentionally conflating. — Jim Price

• Listened for hours. He got caught in several more lies. Also admitted that he not only met with Senator Cummings, but also Senator Schiff about the topics of which would be talked about, and what wouldn’t be talked about, therefore Cummings and Schiff are no different by their own claims than the man they are trying to run through the mud. It’s such a schematically set up situation it’s, well, ridiculous. — Richard Miller

• It is a sad day in America when a fixer is more trustworthy than the President. Let the impeachment proceedings begin. – Susan Janis

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