Speak Out: Confederate controversy

In 2007, the Delaware chapters of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the United Daughters of the Confederacy raised money to install a monument on the Georgetown Historical Society’s property on South Bedford Street, with a Confederate battle flag flying overhead next to a Delaware flag.

For years, the Georgetown Historical Society received state funding through the grant-in-aid bill, which annually allocates money to hundreds of nonprofits across the state. Sen. Trey Paradee moved last month to remove the proposed allocation to the group.

• It doesn’t make sense. It’s a memorial and Delaware’s part during the Civil War. Delaware politics! But then again it’s a Democrat state. — Bobbi Costello

• The difference between North and South … Republican or Democrat! — Sonny De Prisco

• Great news! Remove these symbols of racism and treason. — Bradley Skelcher

• I could see if the specific flag was hoisted during the Civil War. Then it would have reason to be preserved in the museum. However who needs a memorial for and a glorification of the losers? Especially when it was all about preserving a racist, oppressive agenda. — Ellen Behringer

• But you’re OK with funds going to illegal immigrants in the state. You’re OK with Markell and Carney spending millions on “bike paths”. You’re OK for our police not turning over criminal aliens to ICE. You have no problems with abortions up to birth. I suppose you have no problem with book burnings as your rationale was exactly what Hitler used. Hiding history only changes it for mentally incompetents looking to deny irrefutable facts. — George Roof

• Just because you don’t agree with something doesn’t mean they should be obliterated in erased. But that is now the agenda of the liberal Democrat Party. Next will be your family heritage. May not be next week but if this continues to be allowed, it will be someday. — Jeff Grzeszczak

• I find it offensive that people are so narrow-minded and make poor decisions regarding a historical display! It happened. It’s remembered. It needs to be displayed! If you can fly rainbows, this flag should be flown with no repercussions. It’s been around a lot longer! — Deborah Thomas

• Supporting Confederate flag displays while hiding the history of lynchings and racism that followers of that flag supported are telling a skewed story. If they had surrounded that flag with a historically accurate display of all the harm it caused, then I might be in favor of keeping it up. — Kristin Froehlich

• Delaware was a border state and not part of the Confederacy. That flag is the battle flag of Virginia and it’s the flag that was pasted all over the South around the 50s during the height of the civil rights movement as a sign of white supremacy and used specifically to intimidate black people. It has zero to do with actual Delaware history. It’s a traitorous rag that belongs in the trash heap. — Nadia Zychal

• Stupid. Teach history, celebrate history. Learn history so you don’t repeat it. — Brady Allen

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