Speak Out: Conflicts of interest?

Readers reacted to a recent letter to the editor headlined “Biden’s conflicts of interest.”

• These accusations against President Trump have backfired on the Democratic party. It’s coming around now! — Mark Joseph

• No matter what this Opinion states, Trump violated the law and the orders of Congress; put Americans at risk in doing so and also caused thousands of Ukrainians to die. As for Marie Yovanovitch’s testimony I watched, and at no point did I hear her say under oath that she was told to say “please refer that question to the office of the vice president” Joe Biden. I see that this Opinion states that comment as somehow fact, but nowhere do I see a reference that it is in fact, a fact. Keep your eye on the ball moving under the cups. Keep your eye on the ball moving under the cups. — Patricia Marie Diienno

• So you are saying the the children of our elected officials cannot take jobs that have any international business ties? Does that hold true for the Trump children as well? — William Mazzariello

• GOP has gone blind in defense of the unconstitutional and blatant crimes we all have seen. —JJ McGlothlin Jr.

• We need a great man like Biden to do for the U.S. what he did for Delaware. — Damon Keith Duvall

• That is rich when we currently have a president with the most conflicts of interest in modern history. Yup. Delawareans Love Joe. We know him best and know he will be a great president. — Susan Janis

• Gee imagine that? Someone from the Obama regime involved in a coverup. Who would think. But yeah we’ll blame Trump for anything negative happening in our country and everything positive is because of Obama and his socialist policies. Give me a break. — Tim Shepperson

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