Speak Out: Coons: Detention centers ‘unacceptable’

Delaware’s junior U.S. senator traveled to the southern border last week, visiting several migrant detention centers in Texas. What he saw, he says, left him “heartbroken.”

Chris Coons, a Democrat, joined several other senators Friday flying to southern Texas to see holding facilities for migrant children coming from Central America.

•You mean the detention centers that illegal immigrants volunteered to enter and can leave to go back home whenever they want? — Jon Walczak

•A constant effort and storytelling by the Democrats, to make the nation feel sorry for their new voting block and shame us into accepting them as us. — Bob Hartman

•Well do something about it. You’ve had plenty of time. — Mary Jane Smith

•I’ve never seen a political party so determined to prove to us how bad they are at handling issues and how blatant their blame shifting is. — Willy Beal

• Where were these fools when President Trump told them months ago we had a crisis at the border and they denied it?! Over and over again? Now they admit it and act like they discovered it and want to make the president look bad? Hypocrites! They are not representing the people obviously!! Not the smart ones anyway. — Robert Wright

• Sadly, our congressional delegation has done precious little to help control our borders. — Dave McGuigan

• Conditions in part of the U.S. are unacceptable but I don’t see him doing anything about that. Take care of home first. — Becky Wood Perrine

•I just want to point out to those complaining about the Democratic Congress not fixing this problem. The Dems have had the majority in the House for nine months. The Republicans had control for the previous eight years. Nothing was done then. There is plenty of blame to spread on both sides. But this is not strictly a Democrat at fault issue. — Gerry Boyle

• This Republican says you are correct, to a point. However in the it takes two to tango scenario, the Obama administration had the veto (so those years were a waste) that brings us to two actual years something could have been done. And yes, those were wasted years. The Republican party foolishly did not trust the speed or sincerity of Trump’s motives. That was a mistake. I hope the Republican leaders are kicking themselves for that oversight

• For the first two years of Obama’s first term, Democrats had the White House, Senate and House. Immigration didn’t matter a whit. It was all about passing Obamacare. And they did. — Bob Hartman

• The conditions in many parts of his own state of Delaware are unacceptable. — Kim Baker-Grosso

• Conditions are what they are because people like Coons not only didn’t do his job, but also didn’t listen. You can’t cram 10,000 people in a place designed for 5,000 period end of sentence. This is Congress’s issue. They need to fix it. — Richard Miller

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