Speak Out: Counselors in Dover police cars

Dover City Councilman Tanner Polce recently suggested to Dover Police Chief Marvin Mailey that the police department have embedded counselors ride along with officers on patrol to help assist with incidents involving drug use and mental-health disorders.

For now, Chief Mailey said he is a no-go on having embedded counselors ride along with patrol officers due to the inherent dangers involved in going directly to potentially volatile situations.

• Embedded counselors, priests, therapists, feel good personal, when do LE just do their job with the many hazards of it without having everyone as a ride-a-long and another thing to guard for their well being? — Howard Gaines III

• Police officers have more than enough to do and deal with. How about having more counselors in the schools? — Cindy Christiansen

• What a ridiculous idea. Put someone in the car that has no experience in law enforcement, another incident waiting to happen. — Ed Swetland

Stand your position Chief. The officers are already police, firemen, medics and yes, even counselors. They don’t need the additional duty of a personal chauffeur. — Dennis Mehrenberg

• The liberals are at it again , if they want to save these people go out and find them yourselves stop interfering with police work. — Christina Brigandi

• They find them and call 9-1-1 which dumps “those people” into the police department’s “lap”. Law enforcement is saddled with plenty of things they have to deal with, but unfortunately they are generally not given the proper “tools” to deal with people in mental health crisis and it makes their lives more complicated than they need to be. Having a (as in just one) dedicated patrol unit with a mental health professional accompanying the officer makes sense and should make the police’s jobs and lives easier. — Brian P Slattery

• God bless all LEOs! Politicians need to sit back and let them do their jobs. — John P. Leech

• Counselors being in the car will be a distraction, hazard and waste of money. — Willy Beal

• Can we not waste more taxpayers money? — Willy Beal

• That’s pretty dumb. Why not just have a counselor on staff and give them a police radio so they can respond where needed? — Chris Behrens

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