Speak Out: Criminal justice reform

Democratic lawmakers and criminal justice officials announced an ambitious package of bills Thursday aimed at reshaping the criminal justice and prison systems to make them fairer and more equitable.

The “boldest package of criminal justice reforms in modern Delaware history,” as Attorney General Kathy Jennings described it, consists of 19 separate bills that would lessen the prison population, reduce sentences and make it easier for offenders to reintegrate back into society.

• We can call this “the kid gloves bill.” What is wrong with Delaware? Give away our votes to the highest bidder and now we are going soft on criminals!! The people who run this state are failing its people!! — Dean Grabowski

•Welcome to the Democratic People’s Republic of Delafornia where criminals are now viewed as victims, the police are the criminals, and the safety and rights of the community are after-thoughts. This state has completely disregarded the concept that all incarceration is not rehabilitative, but is punishment for breaking the law and victimizing people. These political activists, whether appointed or elected, are endangering the lives of community members, all in the name of political correctness. Shame on all of you! — B.K. Smith

• Let’s just do away with the court system all together. Open the borders to illegals. Legalize all drugs. Put the whole justice department out of a job. Be a lot better if the thugs that do these crimes just abide the law. There will be no consequences so the crimes will continue. — Jack Jordan

•Perhaps all you naysayers should look at other countries and their more civilized prison systems. The U.S. system is incredibly antiquated. Throwing people in a cell and forgetting about them is not the answer. — Paula Giordano

• In other words Delaware is becoming California. The liberals have forgotten Delaware history. — Eric Fibelkorn

• Sounds great for kids under 12. You can go out and commit assault all day long and not be charged. Whatever happened to, if you can’t do the time don’t do the crime? — Bob Smith

• This is such a positive new look. I applaud your vision and much needed tenacity. The haters will be many. But what we have right now, is antiquated, nonproductive, ineffective, biased and costly. Once upon a time incarceration was rehabilitative, and it was effective. When it became a huge business, it lost its integrity, and became corrupt in its own right. It is time for change. Oregon, Washington state, and Connecticut have set new benchmarks. It is time Delaware works toward a new horizon. Thank you….all of you! — Edie Reynolds

So that those that my children put their lives on the line to arrest get out quicker or don’t go in at all. They see the same violators over and over again as it is. This is about the vote. How about letting the people of the state vote on these bills you want to enact? They are the ones affected by this. I am all about helping to reintroduce people who have made “mistakes” to society. Unfortunatly for many, it is what they want to do. — Shirley Inman Shea

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