Speak Out: Criminal justice reform

Readers responded to a story on the House passing criminal justice reforms this week.

• If a teenager commits a crime no matter if it’s robbery or murder he/she should be treated like an adult! If research shows that the brain isn’t developed until 25 why are men/women considered adults at 21? Why are 18 year olds allowed to vote? Why are 16 year olds allowed to get a driver’s license? Why are 15 year olds allowed to work? Why are 18 year olds allowed to join the armed forces? This is just another loop hole certain people will push for those criminals to get off! You do the crime no matter what the age, you do the time! — Cindy Christiansen

• Delaware is becoming a Sanctuary State! These Demoncrats and Liberal Lawmakers, the Governor, Judges and AG All need to go! — Becky West

• Every person with something negative to say about this. Here is your plan:

So you take kids that may of never had proper adult guidance, arrest them, lock them inside a building offering no guidance through that situation, then release them eventually at some point more than likely angrier than they went in and expect society to be safer as a result. Really smart plan. — Kelly Lord

• Some brains are not fully developed until they finally leave political office! — Philip L Puschel

• Also lowering the voting age to 16 is out. — Travis Rust

• “Sorry he murdered your loved one, but you have to understand his brain wasn’t fully developed when he was 17. He didn’t know better then!” — Ryano Ryan

• Oh, my God. Now they are going to give a free pass to underage criminals. — Faye Z Wing

• But you want them to vote at 16? Can’t have it both ways! — Carol Cunningham Brown

• Giving them a slap on wrist also teaches them they can get away with everything! Juveniles need to be taught there are consequences for their actions! — Meg Hawkins Berns

• This is a hilarious contradiction of the Democratic Party. — Willy Beal

• All the bleeding hearts should take one rapist one murderer and a child molester and have them live in their homes with them. — Peggy Brockway

• So they will be unable to vote until they are the age of 25, right? — Ron Lewis

• Maybe that would be a good idea. Duh. How about doing away with age restrictions and make it a matter of a sense of responsibility, intellect, and self-sufficiency There are all kinds of parameters that could be considered. But isn’t 16 a little young? — Mary Grampp Brown Gee

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