Speak Out: Dangerous intersection?

Seven crashes in 5 1/2 years at the same downtown intersection, the latest a few days ago.

Running a red light at North and State street at approximately 6:35 a.m. Monday, a vehicle crashed into another; an SUV rolled onto its side and a car was pushed onto a sidewalk and near a building. The speed limit there is 25 mph.

• So Delaware is bad at driving. I’ve lived in 14 different states and I gotta say, there are more traffic incidents and avoidable accidents like this than I can recall anywhere else. — Willy Beal

• People think running lights that just turned red are OK to run. — Lori Hollandsworth

• Time to add some aesthetically pleasing bollards to protect those business offices and pedestrians. — Troy Ordiway

• If you are trying to turn left at some of these downtown intersections you don’t get an arrow. There is so much traffic coming towards you that you never get a chance to turn. So people try to finally turn when it’s yellow/just turned red. I bet that’s what happened here. — Hilary Ennis

• People just need to slow down, especially in the area as the lanes are tight and really no room to maneuver. Not sure how the lights are synchronized but maybe a short term red in all four directions might have avoided this accident. Still not right for the driver to run the light, but might have avoided the other driver from being hit. — Dan Maher

•I’ve suggested making Loockerman one way, east to west and North Street, one way, west to east. That would eliminate left turns from North onto State and Governors, where most crashes happen. — Eric Howlett

• Accidents are not the fault of the roads or the cars. They are a direct result of bad drivers. The only way to correct that is stricter enforcement. I realize the police are busy, but they need to issue tickets EVERY time they see a violation. — Dave Duncan

• I go through there all of the time. I also do not speed through town and try to run lights because I don’t want to be somewhere two minutes later. People are reckless and selfish it is always me me me. That’s what the problem is. — Casie Shea

• Sounds like there’s nothing wrong with the intersection, but with some drivers. — Karen Cross Ward

• I’m not surprised. I’ve been almost hit several times at that intersection — Jessica Renee

• North and Loockerman should both be No Left Turns. — Raughley Lloyd

• Turn the intersection into a “T”, closing access to the east side of North Street from State. Then that section of North Street would only be used to access the parking lots behind the offices on State. Problem solved, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist, just action by DelDOT or the city. — Raughley Lloyd

• People need to stop running stop signs and red lights. In all the states I have lived in, Delaware is the worst state for not stopping at stop signs or running red lights. — Kate Williams

• I’ve been a professional driver since 1993. I’ve seen some crazy things and I’ve seen some horrible things. Most of them caused by speed, inattentive driving or wreck-less driving. This seems to be wreck-less/careless driving. Disregarding a red light on purpose is just an example of entitlement. Not much different than passing someone on the shoulder, illegally. — Richard Miller

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